I'm moving my website to NekoWeb in a few days, however it's not finished yet

Welcome to my website!

i'm RFLEpicGamer/RFLEpic/RFLEpc/RFLEpcGamer. I go by he/him

I'm 18 years old

I like to play video games(Mm games, Minecraft, Sonic, terraria, Cave Story, super cat tales franchise, and a lot(not all) of 3d mario games), and to hear game osts and avicii a lot

I'm a developer of RFL8Land, RFL8Land 2, RFL8Karting, RFL8Karting 2, RFL8RoboNeko's adventure and RFL8Run

I ran RFL8Team and IsYTCI

I have Galaxy A53 5G and acer aspire 5

I can speak Portuguese and English, and I'm learning Japanese

Below here, you can see all social medias that i'm in


Twitter/X Tumblr Spacehey Mastodon/Fediverse BlueSky CoHost Pleroma MissKey (Website got shutdown) Threads Whispy (Coming soon)


Instagram DeviantArt Pinterest Sheezy Art

Video/Live Streaming

YouTube Kick BitView VidLii Medal TV


Rec Room/RecNet Osu! (Old name) Roblox Steam Dreams ps4/indreams GameJolt Minecraft Backloggd GX.me Cocrea Fancade: RFLEpicGamer




Telegram Guilded Matrix Discord: RFLEpicGamer Escargot: RFLEpicGamer


NewGrounds Lemmy

Social Medias that i have left, but i might come back soon

Twitch (Might come back)

Social Medias that i have left and the reasons

Reddit (Terrible Admins and Terrible CEO)

Social Medias that i don't have it and the reasons

ToyHouse (It's still invite beta)